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2020 Memorial Boys Lacrosse Registration

Welcome to registration for Memorial Boys Lacrosse Club at Memorial High School.

1. Before you register, please make sure your player has a valid US Lacrosse High School membership that does NOT expire before May 31, 2020. Visit US Lacrosse at http://www.uslacrosse.org/.

Please send a screen shot of your membership card to keribassett@sbcglobal.net

2. Please fill out all information for players AND parent(s), including email and cell phone contacts.

ALL COMMUNICATION regarding practice and game changes, as well as any time sensitive communications, will be sent via text.

3. If you are a RETURNING player or parent, please use your existing login. Your information from last year will be pre-loaded and any changes can be made at that time.

4. MBL annual dues are $1,500, which can be paid via check or credit card. A $50 processing fee will be added to credit card transactions, for a total of $1550. Team dues include, but are not limited to:

     -- All transportation to and from games

     -- Game and Practice field rentals

     -- Coaching salaries

     -- Uniforms, helmets and other equipment

Dues can be paid in full or in two installments. The first installment of $750 is due by October 31, 2019. The remaining balance of $750 is due by January 10, 2020. Payment instructions are in your confirmation email. If you need special assistance with fees, please contact any board member to discuss privately.

REFUNDS: If your son should be injured or physically unable to play, and is verified by a physician prior to January 15, 2020, the Board will consider refunding a portion of your annual dues upon request. 

5. Players MUST complete the SBISD Required Athletic Participation Documents on Rank 1


Players who have already completed online paperwork for football or other sports are not required to do so again. All non-SBISD players must complete the online forms and print a hard copy to be turned in to Keri Bassett. Once you complete registration, the link will again be provided in your confirmation email.



Students are required to use the Physical Examination Form above. NO OTHER Physical Examination Form will be accepted. Physical exams must be administered prior to each school year, and must be dated after April 1, 2019.

7. The following documents must be agreed to and accepted electronically at the time of registration:

     -- MBL Participation Agreement (Parent AND player)

     -- Parent Coach Agreement (Parent only)

     -- Player Code of Conduct (Parent AND player)

8. REQUIRED EQUIPMENT: Players are required to have a mouth guard, cup, stick, gloves, cleats, chest protector and elbow pads. MBL will provide all players with helmets.


Keri Bassett



Base Cost: $1,550.00

Opened: 07/30/2019